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I agree to check with my GP if my baby/child  has any underlying medical condition which may impact any sleep training.

I agree to provide any such information to my Sleep Consultant.

I agree that any information provided to my Sleep Consultant can be used for case studies etc, but no personal information (e.g. names) will be used in dissemination of this information to any other party.

I further agree that any information provided can be used by my Sleep Consultant or any of their allied service providers. This may at times include my own healthcare provider.

This may also include any legal requirement such as a court order, subpoena or warrant as part of any court proceedings. That being said, we are all bound by the National Privacy rules.

We in turn agree not to sell or distribute your information to any non-related parties.

All information provided on our website and in supplied material is generic in nature, and does not replace any information supplied by suitably qualified health professionals. All decisions about any treatment, if required, must be made with a relevant qualified health professional.

In engaging our services at La le Lu Sleep Consultancy, I agree that I am totally responsible for the health and well-being of myself, including any child under my charge.

I understand that the sleep plan provided to me is for my baby/child only, and may be specific to my baby/child and our situation, and therefore should never be shared with anyone else.



We at La le Lu sleep Consultancy are highly committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information we collect from you to maximise and further the services we endeavour to offer to you.

We do not provide any personal details or information to anyone for marketing purposes, however for marketing strategies alone, we may use your case study for general purposes. Your name, child’s name and any other personal details will not be revealed without consent.

If you need to change any personal details you may do so by emailing lalelu.sleepconsultancy@gmail.com. Our website is secure and all your information and data is stored and secured against any unauthorized use of access.

Www.lalelusleepconsultancy.com.au may at times provide links to other websites, wellness blogs, nutrition documents, advertisements, other marketing documents, recipes and general information for your use. This, however, doesn’t mean sponsorship or endorsement from these other links. We take no responsibility for the content that may or may not have been changed on these links. We are making recommendations only and won’t be held accountable for any links, faults or changes.

I agree and take full responsibility and risk for making any decision based on information provided on our website or advice and guidance in using our services. I hereby agree to waive any claims you may have, now or in the future, against us. We take no responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or injury that may arise from a person acting on statements or information gathered.



This website includes material and information that is owned by or licensed to us, and you are not permitted to copy or reproduce these documents for use by another party. These documents and information is designed for your personal exclusive use only.

Additionally, you declare that any documents or information you provide to us, do not have copyright or ownership to any other person or entity.

You may not distribute or exploit any of our website content and use for upcoming personal businesses.

Exclusion of competitors – if you are a similar business of creating similar documents for goods and services, if for business or personal use, you are deemed a competitor of La le Lu Sleep Consultancy. We do not permit you to use or download any documents or information from our website for your use. We will reserve the right to deny anyone access to our website and social media platforms at our discretion.

If you enter into an agreement with us for our services, you agree to pay for such services in advance. If any additional services are required over and above our agreement, then these will be charged at our current rate, and need to be paid for in advance.



We abide by the Australian consumer protection legislation with respect to all refunds. Refunds are to be discussed with your personal consultant and we try our best to ensure our services are provided with care, knowledge and skill.



Use of our website constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these, do not use the website.

We endeavour to keep our website up to date and correct with current information as much as possible.

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