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I can’t thank and recommend Sabrina enough! I’m a second time mum who thought that “she’d be right” as I’d done it before, when my daughter was 8 weeks old and my baby would only sleep on me, I was struggling, anxious, sleep deprived and exhausted. Then I engaged Sabrina and everything changed. In only a few short weeks she was sleeping in a bassinet for all her sleeps/naps. Whilst it wasn’t always easy, keeping to the schedule and being consistent was the key to our success. Sabrina was always there to answer any questions, reassure us and guide us through. We are so glad and thankful that we got help, it was the best decision we ever made.



– Beck, mum of Riley 9.5 weeks –

Kate had been so supportive throughout the service helping me to sleep train my daughter. She was very thorough in getting to know me and my daughter’s habit, designed a detailed sleep plan that is tailored to me, and was very understanding and flexible to suggest alternatives whenever I felt uncomfortable during the training. She is experienced in raising kids and gave very helpful advice. She was responsive, passionate, and very willing to help mothers who are ready to make changes to their life. I have gained so much confidence working with her and it has changed my perspective about raising children. I highly recommend Kate for her service.



– Jean, mum of Kaitlyn 10 months –  

Sabrina was an absolutely invaluable resource for me and my new family. When we started working with her our baby was frequently inconsolably upset. Sabrina provided knowledge and advice that made a difference immediately. (Honestly from day one!) As we applied her suggested structure and methods over the next couple of weeks the difference in our baby and our family life has been dramatic. Our baby now naps regularly and predictably during the day giving me time to do things I need to do. He wakes up refreshed, happy and playful – we can spend quality time with him instead of just trying to cope with tears! Best of all he sleeps in solid blocks though the night most nights – roughly five hours and then five hours again. Wow! The majority of the time he needs no settling at all or only ten minutes worth. My partner and I can watch a movie in the evening or eat our dinner together! We love our baby to pieces, but it’s amazing to get time back for ourselves too. Sabrina’s encouragement and support have been unwavering. She has always been available with straightforward answers to all my questions. Sabrina never ever made us feel bad when we had a bad day or didn’t get things quite right. Instead, she was there to help us back on track. I would never have believed we could get to the stage we are at now! Thanks again Sabrina – I can’t even imagine where we would be without you.



– Kate, mum of Henry 6 weeks –

We had tried lots of sleep training methods with our 3.5year old daughter and had pretty much resigned to the idea that it was not on the cards for us. When we enlisted Kate’s help, we had low expectations and set our sleep goals accordingly low. Kate was able to make a detailed assessment of our family dynamics and came up with a very comprehensive plan on how to tackle multiple issues that were hindering sleep. She checked in with us every couple of days and provided support so I felt more confident that the plan was working. After 1 week, my daughter now goes to sleep at 7pm without protesting. I don’t have to wait for her to fall asleep and quietly creep out of her room. I tell her ‘goodnight’ and she whispers back ‘goodnight’ to me and falls fast asleep. She sleeps through the night until 7am the next morning and wakes up happy not screaming and crying. She occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night but again not upset and crying and falls quickly back to sleep with some reassurance. I cannot believe this is the same little girl and I am ecstatic that we are all getting sleep. Thank you so much Kate, I still can’t believe it’s worked!



– Thien, mum of Olivia, 3.5 years –

My 7-month-old would not self-settle, would only ever cat nap and would wake 4-5 times a night. I was at a complete loss and thought we were in so deep that no-one would be able to help us. Sabrina was able to understand our unique situation, her approach was gentle and compassionate. I felt completely supported as we simply tweaked our routine a little and after 3 days Jed was napping for 2 hours straight during the day and sleeping through the night! I honestly couldn’t believe the changes in such a short amount of time. Jed is a happier baby and I’m a happier mum and we can enjoying our time together without the constant worry “he’s not sleeping, I’m exhausted”. I can’t thank Sabrina enough. Thank you for your help and patience, I wish we’d found you sooner!!



– Sarah, mum of Jed 7 months –

I really appreciate the efforts and time Kate put in to help Eli with his sleeping. Within the two weeks we see Eli from no napping at all to nap 2-3 times a day in his bassinet. Kate is very responsive with our questions and always able to provide tips/guides with issues we are facing. Thank you so much Kate and keep up with the amazing work you do.



– Mandy, mum of Eli 9 weeks –

My 4.5-month-old was a chronic catnapper throughout the day and was fed to sleep for all her naps and night time wakes. I had to lie with her for the duration of her naps for any success and she would wake frequently in the early evening. In just one week, Sabrina has assisted me to teach my baby to settle to sleep in the cot on her own! I couldn’t believe it! Sabrina helped me find an approach that fit comfortably with me and my baby and then provided detailed information and when needed, on- time support, to coach me through the implementation. Because of this support I was able to be really consistent knowing what I was doing was the best thing for my baby, and it paid off. Two weeks down and I have been enjoying hot dinner every night and even a few movies in the evening and most of the day naps I am able to get things done around the house. It has also resulted in a happier baby as she has a much more predictable routine and seems to even enjoy our bedtime rituals. I thought I had already given routines, self-settling and appropriate nap times a good go in the past but having someone to guide you through and provide age appropriate and personalised advice really made all the difference. Thank you, Sabrina!



– Rosalind, mum of Ella 4.5 months –

Working with Kate definitely exceeded my expectations. I desperately wanted a better routine for me and my daughter; being able to understand her cues and having some baby free time for both me and my partner. After working with Kate twice, both at 11 weeks and 16 weeks, we have been able to achieve all of the above. I was able to implement elements at my own pace which now at 6 months of age is still consistently working well. We now have more predictable feed times, am able to feel more confident taking my daughter out during the day without distress and she now takes all three naps predictably in her cot. This has in turn allowed for a calmer, more enjoyable day for our whole family. It has taken the guesswork out of the day and has allowed some me-time to recharge and reset.

Personally, I found Kate a wealth of knowledge in all areas baby and completely understanding of my journey as a first time parent. She has such a kind, caring and genuine approach providing encouragement and support at every step of the way.



– Ruana, mum of Laine 16 weeks –

Sabrina was an incredible support through our sleep training process. Her advice and suggestions were always exactly right – how could she know so much about my baby having never met her?!! When I felt unsure, she gave me the confidence to continue. She was incredibly responsive – even late in the evening! Really there is no replacement for having an expert create a custom plan for you who is available to lean on and ask questions of… there are always things that come up along the way and concerns that make you question the course and your actions. Sabrina’s support and advice were invaluable and both mom and baby Sophia are happier because of it! Thank you!



– Simone, mum of Sophia 19mths –

Kate was amazing, my 8 month old could not sleep any longer than 45 minutes during the day, making it impossible to stick to a routine and leading to feeding too often during the day and waking during the night. Kate was successful in guiding me on how to allow Charlie to link his sleep cycles, setting him up for longer sleeps overnight. He is now sleeping better in the day and overnight! Charlie is a real reflux baby so the new feeding schedule will help his vomiting in the day.



– Kate, mum of Charlie 8 months –

We feel like we have our lives back! It’s insane that we’re able to sleep through the night without having to get up. It was a real strain on us, and just in time for lockdown. Thank goodness. I’m really glad we got in touch. I know I was really resistant about the Controlled Crying, but it was short term pain for long time gain. I feel like we’re able to time his moods much better now that we know what’s coming. Thank you for being a great support, it really has changed our lives.



– Krystelle and Josh, parents of Jeremy 10 months –

Kate has been a wonderful guide during the early parenting stages. She has provided us with so much useful advice to help our baby sleep well and for longer. I strongly recommend Kate and am grateful for her assistance during this time. Your help has been invaluable.



– Mary, mum of Ruben 4 weeks –

I highly recommend Sabrina as she was amazing. Her gentle but stern approach got my 2 year old back into a great sleep routine. He refused to get into his cot, would need to be rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime, and was waking frequently throughout the night. He now wants to get into his cot for sleep and self-settles throughout the night. I don’t even need to be in the room anymore he just gets into his cot and puts himself to sleep. I can’t thank Sabrina enough for her fantastic sleep plan.



– Lisa, mum of Sebastian 2 years –

If any parents are in a similar situation like we were when it comes to sleep, then I highly recommend Kate! Kate was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was struggling with my daughter’s sleep patterns. I’m so grateful to have worked alongside Kate who not only wrote a personal plan for us to use as a guide but also gave us lots of information in regards to everything that can affect a baby’s sleep! She was so informative on everything as well as extremely caring/flexible when it came to working with us and our parenting style. It has helped us so much as a family with less broken sleep. I appreciate all her work she has done, how she checked in regularly and how friendly/easy to speak to she is. Words cannot express how happy I am to have worked with Kate!

Thank you so much again!



– Andrea, mum of Adele 7 months –

We are so thankful we had Sabrina’s guidance as a sleep consultant. With her advice we were able to transition our 6.5-month-old daughter from co-sleeping and multiple night wakings to essentially self-settling, sleeping in her cot in her own room with much reduced wakings – meaning our whole family had better rest.

Sabrina’s support was holistic and responsive, guiding us on scheduling as well as diet and nutrition. She is a great listener and worked with what we were comfortable with. The sleep/settling method took account of our needs as a family and was flexible enough to suit how our daughter responded but maintain the training.

We would highly recommend Sabrina to anyone who might need help with getting their child to sleep better.


– Krystin & Jon, parents of Sophie 6.5 months –

We are so happy to have found Kate! With her guidance, we were able to instigate a structured sleeping program from eight weeks for our little one. Once the program was in place, we found our baby more settled throughout the night and more alert throughout the day. She started to ‘ask’ for her naps and seems to thrive on them. We now have a (mostly!) self settling baby. We know we have set both her and us up for great sleep patterns in the future. Thank you Kate!


– Naomi, mum of Elliotte 8 weeks –

As a first-time mum, I didn’t know much about my baby’s changing sleep patterns in her first year of life. Sabrina was able to offer insights and suggestions that made good sense which helped my baby get over her 10-month sleep regression and fall into a pattern of restorative sleep that my baby desperately needed. I highly recommend Sabrina to all parents who seek help in getting a good day and night sleep routine for their baby.


– Katherine, mum of Marcelle 11.5mths –

 Our 2.5 year old Aston was possibly our most problematic. We had attempted to put him in a big boy bed and it was a total disaster. Taking close to an hour to get him to sleep with 5+ getting in & out of bed then several wake ups in the night and ending up with him in our bed just to get some sleep.

When I started working with Kate she suggested putting him back in the cot as well as changes to his sleep environment and his nap. After a couple of nights of this we saw a vast improvement with settling and less wake-ups. Now he is sleeping 7pm till 6.30am and virtually no wake-ups! And on the occasion he does, he re-settles in less than 2 minutes which is amazing.

Brooklyn, our 1 year old, would wake at any time during the night from midnight till 5am. I would give him a bottle to re-settle him and then he would go back to sleep until 6/7am. At his age he shouldn’t be needing a bottle and it was just becoming a habit. So again Kate suggested changes to his sleep environment and some techniques to help re-settle without the bottle. After a few nights he has been sleeping until 6am or 6.30am with no waking!! I’ve really noticed a difference in the behaviour and happiness throughout the day too which is so much more pleasant for everyone, as they are not as exhausted!

I’m really thankful I got to work with Kate, she is such a caring girl and communicates so well, therefore there was no misunderstandings from my end on what I needed to do. I would highly recommend Kate’s services to anyone who is wanting more settled babies and in turn a happier, more rested household!


– Anna, Mum of Aston 2.5 years and Brooklyn 1 year –

After excellent results with Sabrina when our daughter was only a few months old, we found a hard change after the 4+ month sleep change/regression, so we re-engaged Sabrina to assist. In only a few days we went from cat napping and a very cranky baby to linking sleep cycles and our happy bub back! Understanding that sometimes we were putting her down undertired was a light bulb moment. Thanks again Sabrina, we appreciate all your assistance. 


– Beck, mum of Riley 5 months –

I highly recommend Kate! She is a mum herself, and I trusted her advice completely. She was super kind, available, and approachable no matter what my questions were. She was holistic in her approach for my bub. Her recommended settling techniques and sleep plan were tailored to fit our families’ needs and parenting style. With her recommended sleep plan and techniques, my 7- month-old now has consistent nap times, feeding schedule, and significantly decreased night wakings! From 4 to 1! I am very grateful for her support and I will definitely use her services again. Thank you, Kate!


– Pembrooke, mum of Tomas 9 months –

Sabrina was great! Our 8months old baby girl was waking up 2-3 times a night and didn’t know how to self-settle she was only napping for 30-40mins throughout the day. Sabrina gave us some fabulous advice and support, after only a few days Charlotte had started to sleep through the night from 7pm-7am and now had good naps through the day as well. I’m so glad I asked for help. It’s the best to be able to sleep well again! Thank you!!


– Jess, mum of Charlotte 8 months –

I have found all the information you provided really helpful. You have a calm manner and were very prompt to reply to questions and provide feedback. I am particularly pleased that Heidi now has a consistent bedtime and think this has been a great change for our family. This has been the biggest win/improvement from my perspective. I also think I have a much better understanding of nap lengths and a basic structure for the day which I can tweak as needed to fit in with our life and plans. Sometimes I am happy to disregard the schedule to do what works well for Scott and I (& not necessarily Heidi) & understand that this will likely throw off her sleep/mood a little for the day (& I’m ok with that!). With regards to the self settling, I think this has improved, but to be honest we didn’t follow pat/shush to the book.

Thanks again for all your help!


– Amy, mum of Heidi 3.5 months –

Sabrina was invaluable helping us develop a positive sleep experience with our 8-week-old Molly. By listening to us and analysing what we were doing, Sabrina offered multiple ways that we could make changes to Molly’s awake and sleep times, night routine, environment and swaddling, which had almost instant results for us. Molly is now more rested and settled, and so are we!


– Meagan, mum of Molly 8 weeks –

Kate is very knowledgeable, her support was invaluable. She kept me accountable and gave me the confidence I needed to stay strong and stick to our sleep routine.

Thank you again for your support. I really appreciate all that you did for us.


– Carly, mum of Camilla 9 months –


I approached Sabrina for help with my almost 4-year-old son’s sleep as he was waking frequently in the night and finding it hard to resettle. Sabrina took the time to find out about his current sleep patterns and gave some excellent advice and simple tweaks which have made a world of difference to his (and our!) sleep. She was easy to contact and kept in touch regularly but without any pressure. I would highly recommend her services.


– Gemma, mum of Harrison 3yrs 10mths –

We engaged Kate as a sleep consultant when we were experiencing a chronic issue with our 18 month old who was waking up around 4:30am for the day, every day. We were feeling exhausted and like nothing we were trying was working. Kate suggested some simple, sensible tweaks to our routine and range of settling techniques to suit our family. They worked a treat and within a week our son was sleeping in until a much more reasonable hour. We corresponded via email and over the phone due to COVID restrictions. Kate was amazing; very supportive and responsive. We have worked with a range of other sleep consultants before and Kate rates so highly in comparison. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


– Jo, mum of Roland, 18 months –

Sabrina helped my family and I with sleeping techniques for our 7 week old son Archie, as we were trying to transition to his bassinet more regularly, and avoid the ‘nap-trap’! Sabrina’s ideas were practical and relatively easy to implement. Her follow-up was wonderful and I felt I could contact her at any time if required. We are grateful for the help.


– Susan, mum of Archie 7 weeks –